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Our Company

We are a company focused on delivering the promise of Internet of Things. We believe in building sustainable infrastructure for deploying mass IoT solutions. We design and develop innovative IoT products and solutions that can transform our future.



India, Bahrain, Kuwait, KSA, Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco


Billion People

People in nine countries that our network will cater to.


million sq.km

Land mass covered by the network


trillion market

$4.51 trillion economies in our network


We are on a mission to create an impact on the world for better!
There is a unique opportunity to deliver immense value in the communities we serve using innovative technologies and solutions.


Harnessing technology for a better future
We are passionate about the power of digital transformation which unleashes creativity, promotes equality and fosters greater productivity for the generations to come!

Founders Team

Ahmed Akhtar

Founder, Chairman and Group CEO

Ahmed Fasih Akhtar brings more than 27 years of technology and leadership experience, in building and deploying technology solutions for the government, retail, aviation, automotive, and banking sectors.

Vyomesh Thakkar

Co-Founder, Group Director

Vyomesh Thakkar has over 25 years of experience in managing large scale back-office operations, specializing in the banking, technology outsourcing, and digitization.

Firoz Karumannil

Co-Founder, Group Director

Firoz has over 20 years of experience working in the banking, trading and services industry and brings astute business acumen and marketing skills.

Our Clients